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OCTOBER 4, 2020

Masks cover up and reduce water particles from flying on people. Thankfully God sees us through our masks, even when we try to put on a face that really is not ours. Our prayer in this series is that we learn about integrity. Integrity is choosing to be truthful in whatever we say or do. We want to see the value of being true to ourselves and others as we live with integrity.

OCTOBER 11, 2020

It’s important to have integrity with people, but it is even more important to have integrity with God.

God already knows what’s on our hearts and God wants to talk to us even when we mess up. We need to learn that being truthful with God keeps us close to him.

OCTOBER 18, 2020

In the not as common second half of the story of Naaman the leper, the prophet Elisha had a servant who went behind his back. When he did, he lost Elisha’s trust.

Integrity is not just about telling the truth, but about the relationship on the other side of that truth. Why? Because when you’re not truthful, you lose trust.

OCTOBER 25, 2020

Integrity isn’t about doing what’s right when it’s easy, when we are positively influenced, or when it serves our interests. Integrity is doing what’s right in the hard times -- when things are uncertain, when odds seem impossible, and when we seem all alone. The Apostle Paul writes that we can have peace and live righteously in those hard times when we focus on what’s true.

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