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January 17, 2021

What is God up to right here - right now? How can I be a part of it?

The answers to these questions are found in one of the ways we love God: Prayer. In the most desperate time of Jesus' life, He prayed, and his prayer will help us honestly ask ourselves these questions and explore the answers.

January 24, 2021

Love God. It sounds so simple but it can be one of the hardest things we do. Jesus set the perfect example for us when he passed through the door of dying to himself in order to show His love for God.

January 31, 2021

There are three invitations God gives us to help us die to our “self,” because the “self” is hard to die to. When we die, we open our lives up to God’s power through the Holy Spirit.


If you like to dive a little deeper, this one might be for you, as Pastor Dan shares the theology behind loving God by living – living by the Spirit.

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