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Be Truthful With Your Whole Life

Theme: Integrity

This is what Integrity is…choosing to be truthful in whatever you say or do.

I think today, integrity is more important than ever. Just imagine if all politicians had integrity, all police officers had integrity, all citizens had integrity, all medical personal had integrity, all lawyers had integrity, all judges had integrity, and most importantly all Christians had integrity, what kind of world would we live in?

As we learned Sunday, Daniel was a young man who had everything taken from him. He was literally moved out of his home to Babylon where cultural genocide was the goal. And rather than cave to the culture, Daniel studied the culture for three years while maintaining his honor to God. Now there is a lesson for all of us on how to exist with people different than us!

And because Daniel chose to be truthful in whatever he said or did, God protected him and blessed him with greater understanding and knowledge than anyone in the entire kingdom. When we honor God by choosing to be truthful with our whole life, God honors us. Integrity is not about being perfect, but it is about caring more about what God thinks than people think.


Scripture: Proverbs 10:9 (NIrV)

“Anyone who lives without blame walks safely. But anyone who takes a crooked path will get caught.”


Prayer: Integrity

“God, I recognize this world cares about image, but you care about my heart. You want my heart to be pure so I can walk safely through life. You don't want my heart to be crooked so trouble won't enter my life. God, help me to remember the example Daniel set when it comes to integrity. Help me to be truthful with my whole life. I want to live without blame and avoid the crooked path. Thank you for the gift of integrity and for caring so much about my heart. I love you. In Jesus name, Amen."

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