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Cyber Monday

Theme: Something to Do.

You know it's Cyber Monday 2020, right? Hey, the one thing that is normal this year - shopping from our computer! This year you can get a Makita impact driver for $99.99, Skullcandy earbuds for $24.99 (almost gone by the way), or a Dyson hair dryer for $219.99 (it is supersonic).

Yesterday we talked about how we all need something to do. While shopping is something we can do, I don't think it's what we were made to do. Although my daughter may argue that point. Let's face it, when it comes to doing things, shopping isn't the only thing we do that we were not made to do. Binge watching TV shows until two in the morning, eating way too many holiday sweets, working until we are completely burned out, obsessing over social media, and worrying about everything from sports to presidential elections are a few others. While we may do some, all, or none of these things, I think we would all agree we do things in life that leave us wanting. It's like we have this black hole in us.

So the question is why do we keep doing things that leave us wanting for more? I think it comes down to misdirected purpose. We were born with this desire to do, it is the imprint of God on our souls. But when the doing is inward focused it never fully satisfies. I know that sounds crazy, you would think doing things for us would satisfy us. But let me ask you, when you buy something, don't you want to buy something else? When you watch one episode, don't you want to watch another? Even if you get a great deal today, you will want another great deal.

Christmas came to remind us that we all need something to do, but the doing was designed to be outward focused. When we do things for other people, when we give our lives away for others, we get full. This is why when you call that friend, leave that big tip, pay for the person behind you in the drive thru, send that note of encouragement, babysit for free, pray for someone, you have this deep sense of satisfaction, like this is what I was made to do. Who needs Christmas? People who need something to do because when we do something for others we make a difference and that is what we were created to do.


Scripture: Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."


Prayer: Something to Do.

“Heavenly Father, we've been quarantined, isolated, and beat down. But God, all of this time you have been faithful. All of this time you have been good. So with every breath that I have I will sing of your goodness. I love you Father and I thank you for life. You didn't create me to complain, you created me to do the good works which you prepared in advance for me to do. So now I pray I would walk in those good works and do the things that matter in this life. Lead me God, show me God, whisper to me God, and help me to do the things this Christmas season you created me to do. And in this effort, grant me the satisfaction and peace that only comes from Christ Jesus. Amen."

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