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No Solos Allowed

Theme: Together

Solos are an illusion. Have you ever met a person who got upset because they didn't get the solo? If that's you, oops! But come on, isn't it laughable for someone to think they are actually performing a solo. How did they even come into existence? Took two. Who raised them. Took more than two. Who wrote the song, played the tune, or came to listen while they sang? Took lots. Solos are an illusion because it took an army for someone to stand and sing a song. Sadly, followers of Christ often make following God a solo thing. But from the beginning God's heart was revealed about solos. He looked at Adam and said, "It is not good for him to be alone." God had two of every animal enter the ark, took a people as His own, formed tribes, and I could go on and on. And when Jesus shows up, He says people will know He is real by the way His followers would love one another. I don't know how we miss it, but over and over in the Scripture our Triune God says no solos.

So look at the verse below. The commands to trust and pour are respectively commanded to "you people" and "your" hearts. Plural, not solo. And the refuge God has is not my refuge, but "our" refuge. Plural, not solo. For me this brings great comfort and confidence. It's not all on me or you. Together we are trusting, pouring our hearts out, and taking refuge in God. I would encourage you to read this Scripture three times. The first time, circle the one word that stands out. The second time, underline the phrase that stands out. The third time, read it very slowly and let the Holy Spirit speak. Then read the prayer, taking special note that today's prayer is not a solo. It is a prayer whispered by followers who may be separated physically, but pour out their hearts collectively. We pray today and this week as God intended and desires, TOGETHER.


Scripture: Psalm 62:8

"Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge."


Prayer: We, Not Me

“Father, in Your Word You invite us to pour our hearts out to You. You are our refuge, and we know that anything we think, feel, or do is ok to bring to You. Knowing that You are a safe place for us, we come to You and give You everything on our heart (talk to God about the specific things that are on our hearts today). From what is worrying us to what is delighting us, what we hope for to what we are afraid of, we bring it all to You because we know we can trust You. Help us and guide us in every area, in Jesus’ Name.”

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