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Roll With It

Theme: Trust

COVID-19 has brought families together, slowed the pace, given us time to reflect on what is really important, made us more grateful for freedom, motivated us to develop new ways of doing things, and increased our love for our neighbors. The murder of George Floyd has created constructive conversation, caused people to start listening, awakened people from silence to speaking up, provoked soul searching, and brought people together to fight racial injustice.

God is good. His very nature is where "good" springs from. But there are conditions for us to "see" the good. Romans 8:28 tells us we must love him and know His purpose. When you love someone you get to know them on a deeper level. You learn what they are all about and what they are trying to accomplish. These are essential to seeing the good.

I am learning that a greater love for God and His purposes equals a greater peace in life. When bad things happen, I have questioned God and regretfully chances are good I will question Him again. But what I do see happening in my life as I mature, is I get back to trusting God sooner than later. After God listens to my human emotional rantings, He is there doing what He has done from the beginning of time. Taking bad and working it for good. I hope we can read Romans 8:28 and pray the prayer based on it and grow in maturity during a 2020 none of us saw coming. See the good. It is there.


Scripture: Romans 8:28 (NIV)

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."


Prayer: Trust

“God, You promise me in Your Word that in all things You work for my good. I have seen you do this in the past so give me the faith to believe you will do it again. Right now, honestly, there are circumstances in my life that don’t feel good and that I can’t see an ounce of good in (talk to God about the specific situations that are causing you difficulty or pain). Even though this is how I feel, I choose to believe Your truth over my feelings. When you say You will work in all things for my good, I believe You. You have proved this over and over so help me rest in your faithfulness. Even in situations that seem hopeless, I know You are working on my behalf and that You want more for me than I could ever want for myself. Thank You for having a purpose for me and for working all my life circumstances for good. In Jesus' name, Amen.”

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