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The Voice

Theme: Knowing Our Father’s Unique Voice

A few years ago, a man named Lawrence Brewer of Bolton, England, spent over a year of his life recording as many words as possible in his voice. He would spend each day reading words from the dictionary and recording each word meticulously. 

You see, Lawrence Brewer had been diagnosed with a rare motor neuron disease and expected that one day he may lose his voice and could possibly be only able to speak with the aid of a speech synthesizer. Concerned that the synthesizer would sound nothing like him, he was determined to record thousands of words in his own voice. These words would then be stored in a computer program which could break them down into individual sounds for use by a synthesizer to mimic the exact sound of Brewer’s voice.

Why did he do this? His 13-month-old son. Brewer was determined that, should he lose the ability to speak, his son would grow up hearing the tone and accent of his father’s authentic voice. 

Brewer stated, “He is the key motivation for me recording my voice. If my voice is lost, he will still be able to hear what his dad sounds like. Because of this I may be able to read him bedtime stories and such, as our voice is part of our identity. He can also maybe hear and remember my voice after I am gone.”

Although we may not audibly hear our Father God’s voice, those of us who are His in Jesus can know His voice and separate it from the world’s noises.  Our Father’s voice is not unique because of its tone or accent, but by its content, and He has carefully recorded His voice for us on each page of His Scripture, so that we can always return to His recording to hear Him speak to us. Through His recorded Word, and our privilege to enter His presence in prayer, we can know His Will for us and His perfect desires for our lives.


Scripture: John 10:27 (NIV)

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”



Father, thank you for recording every word of your Scripture in your authentic voice.  Thank you that you love us so greatly to care that we have your words to read and cling to through all aspects of our lives. Lord, you are so gracious to give us your recorded word and the ability to enter your presence and recognize your authentic voice as you direct our paths away from danger and into the light.  What a loving Father you are.  In Christ’s Name I pray. Amen!

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