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June 5, 2022

What people really desire in life is to grow. People desire to see progress.

When you are growing, you feel alive! But that kind of growth doesn’t just happen. You have to be very intentional. In this message, we will address the question we all have to ask ourselves, "How do I grow?"

June 12, 2022

Love is the most powerful force on the face of the earth. As we move into the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians, we will see the great depth of love that moved the Apostle Paul to write. In the world we live, it’s easy for our love to grow cold. It’s full of violence, hate, impure motives, and trickery. Our hope today is that you rebel against the ways of this world by reviving the most powerful force in your life…❤️

June 26, 2022

Losing faith in God is a reality. It was the fear that made Paul send Timothy to check on the Thessalonians. It is a fear we have for people we love. It may be a fear we have for ourselves.


So, what do we do when losing faith in God is a reality?

July 3, 2022

As the Apostle Paul concludes his letter to the Thessalonians, he takes the time to hone in on a few really important things. The things that...well...matter.


Pastor Dan brings this series to a close as we take a look at this list from Paul.

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