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JULY 12, 2020

Faith and politics. Two things that don't always seem to fit together, and certainly aren't the preferred topic of conversation at the dinner table. However, the relationship between the two is crucial in our Christian walk.


The question that opens this series is this: can we disagree politically and love unconditionally?

JULY 19, 2020

Be mature. It's easy to read, but hard to do. It seems like people know just the right things to say to trigger a response, especially in these times! How can we be mature in the face of that frustration? How did Jesus do it?

JULY 26, 2020

The unity and diversity of the early church shocked and intrigued the ancient world. The church of today should as well.


As Dan guides us through Paul's letter to the Galatians, we can clearly see that unity with diversity requires humility.

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