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JUNE 14, 2020

If we are going to focus on the gospel message that the Bible and Jesus truly present, then we must strip back any of our misconceptions and start from the beginning. 

Be good. Pride would say we can, and dispair would say we can't but is there another option?

JUNE 21, 2020

The Bible is a library of texts with dozens of authors and a spectrum of genres. Through all of its variety, one theme ties it all together: the love of God for the world.

Worship Leader Bryn Kandel helps us to reframe our understanding of the book that so many of us hold so dear.

JUNE 28, 2020

Weeks 1 and 2 have presented a serious problem. There is a vast chasm that lies between our broken sinful selves and God's perfect love.

Youth Pastor Jimmy Black reminds us of the greatness of Jesus' atonement. Jesus did what none of us could: bridge that vast chasm.

JULY 5, 2020

As we close out this series, Children's Pastor Josh Potts dives into Jesus' commands to hate your mother and to become a political rebel.


Repentance and the kingship of Jesus are certainly two of the most powerful subjects to really meditate on. The Gospel of Jesus certainly doesn't stop at the reuniting of us and God, but it moves boldly into the abundant living of a Jesus follower.

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