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Qualities Of A Leader

Leadership is influence. We all have people in our lives whom we influence. Whether its family, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, or employees... the list goes on. And as Christians, we are called to live out the qualities of a leader. Moral authority, empathy, and priority are what build a leader.

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A Pray First Life

This series is for those who have never prayed before, or have prayed everyday for as long as they can remember. No matter what role prayer currently plays in your life, we believe that God has next steps for you to take as you grow in prayer. We are a "pray first" church, and we beleive god wants you to be a "pray first" person.

3 Parts

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Advent 2023

The holiday season is always an emotional time, but its not always joy and love tht we feel. Sometimes the holidays bring feelings of lonliness, insecurity, or bitterness. Relationships with friends and family are brought to mind. This baggage can weigh us down if we don't have the right tools and team to help us out.

4 Parts

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Spiritual Disciplines

God wants us to have more than a strong faith. We are meant to have an ever-growing, unshakeable faith. But the faith of saints and heroes doesn't just happen without work. Join us as we explore the spiritual disciplines that shape us.

3 Parts

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Live Life Again

There are shared feelings and experiences across all of humanity... like being uncertain, connecting with others, wanting to feel significant, and striving for personal growth. We want you to know that you aren't alone. When life isn't going the way you wanted - when you feel like you're missing out or falling short - it's never too late to live life again.

4 Parts



Doctrines that Build our Faith

Our church family is experiencing a new year and a brand new space to worship in. Our Serve Teams are always growing and changing and a new Small Group semester has just begun. But through all of the change, our foundations stand strong. In this series, we take some time to reflect on and explore the doctrines the build our faith.

9 Parts

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The Gift of Reconciliation

The holiday season is the time of year when families and relationships are prioritized. We see it in movies and on TV. Our friends talk about it. We want to celebrate together! But sometimes it's not so easy. In our advent series, we will explore the power of reconciliation

4 Parts

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To Give Than Receive 

A culture of generosity is a crucial component of our vision for the future of our church community. But what exactly is a "culture" of geneosity? Is it biblical? Is it really worth it? Though this short series, we will explore this and other common questions on this topic.

3 Parts



Learn to Pray

George Washington Carver once said that "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world." Prayer is a common part of our lives as follows of Jesus, but what if we take a fresh look at it? What if we make our prayer lives uncommon?

3 Parts

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Find Freedom

Personal finances, work, comparison, current events, family dynamics, time management, and relationships are all essential parts of life. But they all have one special thing in common, they cause us to stress out! How do we find freedom from that kind us stress?! Let's find out.

5 Parts



The Immigrant, Fatherless, and Widow

If you were asked to define justice, what would you say? It's a simple concept in theory, but wondrously complex in practice. God calls His people to enact justice in the world on His behalf. Therefore, we have to take the time to discover what biblical justice really looks like.

1 Part

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Never Stop Growing

We are made for more! This is the battle cry of the next decade of ministry at Canton Nazarene Church. Complacency and indifference are our enemies; we never want to stop growing. Dan has 5 fundamental principles to life-changing Christian growth.

4 Parts



The Gospel According to Mark

Through the summer, our goal is to read through the Gospel according to Mark as a community of faith. Each week, Pastor Dan helps us to explore a part of Jesus Ministry highlighted in each chapter. Join us as we journey the Gospel story together!

10 Parts



The Global Church

To celebrate Missions Sunday, we invite you to join in on a zoom call with our missionary friends Joshua and Shannon Herndon who are currently serving in the country of Romania sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

1 Part

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Outward Focused Faith

The Kingdom of God is always growing, changing lives, and moving outward. If we want to be a part of this amazing mission, we must be a part of a church community that is outward-focused. In this series, we explore what disciplines create just such a focus.

3 Parts

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Discerning God's Will

The Book of 1 Samuel is an amazing story about God's prophet who would one day anoint Israel's first king. But before these history-defining events could happen, Samuel had to surrender to God. And before that, his mother Hannah had to surrender to God.

1 Part

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God is #1

Priorities can quickly change. Whether from outside events we have no control over or sometimes from our own desires. Or even a combination of both. But Jesus was very clear that He is the only way to true peace. This series explores Colossians, investigating

Paul’s explanation of why Christ is #1.

3 Parts

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Change Your World

This is a series about changing our world. We believe that each of us is called to and empowered to live a life different from the world... even a life the world is not always worthy of.

3 Parts

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Choosing a Christ-Centered Home

Through this series, we are asking ourselves this question, “How do we build a Christian home?”  No matter what home looks like to you, we can build a home...a family...relationships that honor God and bring life.

3 Parts

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21 Days of Prayer

Our 21 Days of Prayer event is how we dedicate the new year to God. If you want to experience God's wisdom in your life, then you have to be in communication with Him. This special message kicks off our 21 days and truly

is my prayer for you.

1 Part

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Be a Laborer

Each of us has our own unique story. We have our own walk with God. And the same is true for the people around us. We all have people in our lives that we want to see begin or grow in their relationship with God. We are called to be minor characters in someone’s story.

1 Part

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The Church Around the World

The Church of the Nazarene is a global community that connects followers of Jesus from many different cultures and world areas. In this 2-week series, we hear from some people who are making a difference in the name of Jesus around the world.

2 Parts

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Change the World

We all dream of changing the world. Some of us have no problem dreaming big, while others of us let our doubts, frustrations, questions, and fear stand in our way. In this series, we will explore some of the obstacles that stand between us and our dreams.

4 Parts

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The Words of Jesus

As the Church celebrates the season of Lent, we look ahead to the climax of Jesus' life on the cross. Until then, we will explore the wise, powerful words of Jesus throughout His ministry. As a community of faith, let's take a closer look at the red letters.

4 Parts

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Experiencing Real Life Change

In the new year, we are setting our focus on being effective. Our prayer for each of you is that you experience real and effective life change. In this series, Dan helps us to break down and really grapple with God's plan for humanity and His plan for your life.

4 Parts

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Life's Tricky Questions

Life is full of tricky questions. Thank goodness, we have Google in our pockets. However, throughout this series, we will take a look at some of the questions that most Christians ask and do our best to address the struggles that are happening in everyday lives. 

7 Parts

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Engaging Others

Much of Jesus' ministry took place in people's homes and around their tables. The homes of politicians, religious leaders, foreigners, sinners, outcasts, friends, and critics. Jesus wasn't afraid to engage with anyone. His table was the bigger table.

2 Parts

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Navigating Hurt

Hurt is something that we have all experienced. Whether it is from our family, a friendship, or even a church community. When we open ourselves up to these kinds of relationships, we open the door to the possibility of hurt. So how do we navigate it?

3 Parts

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Find Freedom

It's a crucial part of our mission as a church. We believe that God desires us to not be weighed down by the burdens of sin, hurt, anger, bitterness, shame, and addiction... We believe that finding freedom is what God desires for each of His children. But real freedom waits at the end of a journey - one step at a time.

4 Parts



The Questions That Matter

Who Am I? Who Is Jesus? What is the purpose of life? With whom will I spend eternity? Why? Sometimes the questions of life weigh us down, but in this series, we will understand how asking those questions can actually be freeing.

4 Parts

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Passion Points

Passion for Others

Our mission is all about people. And nothing helps people to make next steps and value their spiritual health like being inspired by others. In fact, testimonies, teammates, and systems can give us momentum like no other!

3 Parts



The Bible's Great Treasures

There are certain passages of scripture that have drawn people in for centuries. Some of them are still a powerful part of our spiritual lives today. Through this summer series, our hope is that each of us can meditate on the holy words of God and be reminded of their power and truth.

3 Parts

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Celebrate Jesus

The Easter season comes to a close in the final week of the life of Jesus. From his triumphant entry into Jerusalem to the temple to the cross to the grave. Jesus lived, died, and rose again for you and me.

2 Parts



Brother's Keeper

Have you ever explored the Minor Prophet Obadiah? It's the shortest book in the entire Old Testament, and in this special message, Pastor Josh guides us through the entire book and helps us see what it has to do with our lives today.

1 Part

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Intercessory Prayer

To petition God for our needs is an important part of our spiritual walk. But, to intercede and pray on behalf of the people in our lives is just as important to our faith. In this special message, Pastor Jimmy helps us explore just how to pray for the lost.

1 Part

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Outward Focus

This month we are looking outward. Jesus became the bridge between God and people so that we can follow His example and be the bridge ourselves. In addition to messages from Pastor Dan, each week we will also hear from a  leader who is already a bridge in our community.

3 Parts



1 Thessalonians

We don't care what people say. Life's not how much money you make, it’s not who you work for, it’s who you married, and it’s not what your sports record is. The one thing that can bring you fulfillment in life is continuous, practical growth. We never want to stop getting better, never become complacent. We have a cause.

4 Parts



Lessons from the Butcher Shop

When it comes to relationships, the world is not looking to the Church or to Christians. They are looking to Dr. Phil, the Kardashians, and the housewives of Atlanta. Why? Well, maybe because leaders in the Church have not done a great job of laying out a Biblical foundation for relationships.

6 Parts



Advent 2021

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Join us as we read, study, and celebrate the Christmas story through the lens of the Gospel writer Luke. Each week begins with an Advent Candle lighting, Scripture reading, and prayer from a family in our community of faith.

4 Parts

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Following God's Will

Your conscience, that gut feeling, the moving of the Holy Spirit, God's call...these are all things that we experience and can spot when it happens, but talking about it is something trickier. In this 3-part series, Dan helps us to better understand the process of hearing God.

3 Parts

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Mental and Emotional Health

Some say we are all in the same boat… but the truth is that we are not. We are, however, in the same storm.


Some have gone through this COVID season in a yacht, while others are hanging on to a piece of driftwood.

1 Part

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