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APRIL 19, 2020

Following the events of Holy Week, Jesus' followers found themselves in a place on worry, confusion, and discouragement. More than ever, our current situation allows us to relate to them.

Our Worship Leader, Bryan Kandel, turns to the gospel story to help answer the question: What do I do when things don't go as planned?

APRIL 26, 2020

As we continue the series, Pastor Dan approaches a problem that is present in many of our lives.


Being in isolation is something that none of us can avoid, especially in these days. But how do we respond when we feel the overwhelming sense of loneliness? 

MAY 3, 2020

This brief series closes out by exploring the question of anger. Is it okay to be angry? Why does it feel os natural but also so destructive?

Pastor Dan helps us to discover how anger can be both better understood and better managed

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