By clicking the "Give" button below, you are able to give any amount and even set up a recurring gift. Because of you, we are able to reach our city and the world with the life-changing message of Jesus. Thank you.

2019-2020 CAMPAIGN

This is our annual outreach giving effort over and above our tithes and offerings to make a difference in people’s lives here in Canton and around the world. It’s a great opportunity for us to give what God puts on our hearts in order to accelerate the vision of our church and reach more people with the Good News of Jesus. Our giving is over a one year period from May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020. There are three simple components:


  • Faith – Generosity starts with faith. I am asking you to ask God what you should give.

  • Promise – It is a promise you make to God, not a pledge to an organization.

  • Plus – This is giving above tithes and offerings and goes entirely outside our walls.

What is the goal and what is our giving accomplishing?


Our total goal is $49,500. I would encourage you to watch the Faith Promise Plus video on our website, or Facebook page, but here is the breakdown and brief description of what your giving will make possible.

  • Public School Partnerships - 3500 - provides food, clothes, and bedding to families in need

  • Children’s Outreach - 500 - provides a community Easter egg hunt

  • Crisis Care Kits - 500 - provides basic hygiene items for people in crisis

  • Hope House - 3,600 - provides men and women in transition with housing

  • Next-Gen Basketball - 500 - provides evangelism opportunity through sport

  • Serve Day - 1,500 - provides the community with needed service projects

  • University Scholarships - 1,500 - provides assistance for Nazarene higher education

  • W&W Project Expense - 5,500 - provides materials to build churches overseas

  • Youth Outreach - 500 - provides community outreach project

  • World Evangelism - 31,900 - provides support to spread the gospel worldwide



How do I respond?


Enclosed are two Faith Promise Plus cards (if you are reading this online, cards are available at the welcome center at the church), one for you to turn in and one to keep. Personally, I am writing the amount I am promising on both, turning one in and keeping one in my wallet as a reminder. You can place your card in the offering during a worship service, drop it by the office Monday – Thursday between 8-4, or mail it in. If you prefer to simply email your promise, then email it to We ask that you email or turn your card in on or before June 2, 2019.


How do I give?

  • Give online. Scroll down to the boxes below and then set up a one-time gift or recurring giving.

  • Give during our weekly worship service, marking Faith Promise Plus on the giving envelopes provided in the seats.


100% of our leadership team has made a promise. Now we need your help. Let’s have 100% participation! Every promise counts regardless of the amount. God always blesses obedient generosity. So I am asking each of you to pray, to ask God what you should give, and to obey.


Last, we believe serving others is vital to spiritual health. If you want to get involved with one of these outreach ministries, please contact us by email at or by phone 330-492- 5698. We would love to provide your next step to show up in the lives of others.


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