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April 24, 2022

Let the stress out and the freedom in. When it comes to personal finances, wouldn’t that be nice? In a world that tells us more money equals financial freedom, God tells us something completely different.


In our first message, we will learn one principle that could transform how we think about personal finances.

May 1, 2022

A stressful workplace is draining on your body, mind, and spirit. In order to gain control over your workplace stress, you need to recognize what makes you tick. Jesus knew, so together, we will explore some practical and spiritual ways to answer the question, “How do I manage stress at work?”

May 8, 2022

In honor of Mother's Day, let's have a conversation about something that none of us want to admit, but we really need to talk about. The problem of comparison. It's something that doesn’t just affect Moms, but all of us. It allows things like jealousy, bitterness, envy, and just not feeling worthy to enter into our thinking. We will be exploring this hard topic today and hearing what Jesus had to say about it.

May 22, 2022

Could the current events be any more stressful? You know, we just came through a global pandemic for 2 years. Mix in racial division, an election, and now Russia...with an unstable dictator, nuclear weapons, fighting Ukraine. Not to mention record inflation, supply chain issues, people who don’t want to work, and social media, where everyone has a global microphone...

May 29, 2022

Family relationships can create stress, right? Marriage, parenting, sibling rivalries, and that crazy uncle can raise our stress levels. In this message, we will talk about something Jesus gives that the world does not, relationship currency. It’s a currency that you don’t have to earn because it’s in you and there is an unlimited supply. You just have to realize you have it and how to invest it. 

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